Custom Formulations

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and marketing strategies. We extensively research the market and raw materials to ensure that our formulas are effective and aesthetically pleasing.  The process begins with a review and analysis of the product's concept and claims.  We are in constant communication with the client through each step of the product development process to ensure the formulation is line with the client's requirements.  The scope of work on any assignment may include product development, pilot/production supervision, marketing support, and organization of third party testing.  The result is a superior formula that meets our client's product profile.  We do not formulate color cosmetics.


Micro Runs

This service works well for small and large companies that need small runs for samples, as well as raw material suppliers that need samples for trade shows and sales support.  Micro runs range from 100 - 1000 pieces.  This service is for sampling purposes only, not for the manufacture of products for retail.


Formulation Optimization

Have an outdated formula? Need to replace ingredients?  Need to reduce the cost of a formula?  Have an unstable formula?  Use our Formulation Optimization service to improve, update, or stabilize your existing formulas.


Concept Creation & Marketing Support

Need to build a story around your product?  Need ingredients to support marketing claims? We evaluate your target consumer, your product, cost parameters, and the market to create a marketing story for your product.  We also research ingredients to support the marketing claims of your formula.



We use our formulating expertise to showcase existing and new ingredients for raw material suppliers.  We determine product compatibility in personal care formulas, as well as develop products to aid in sales and marketing.  We provide additional support through research, technical support, and formulation problem-solving.